Advice for barking and leash aggressive small dog?

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Advice for barking and leash aggressive small dog?

PostitusPostitas Williamhawk » Esmaspäev Dets 04, 2017 12:07

I recently adopted Ginger, a 5-6 year old, small mixed breed (poodle and some sort of terrier). I was told that before being in a foster home for a month, she was in a shelter who had picked her up as a stray. They believe she was a stray for about a year. Other than that I have no idea about her history. She is microchipped, knows basic commands (sit, stay, come), and is completely house-trained.
Ginger does bark. A lot. Anytime a person or animal passes our window she barks, and we live in an apartment complex. I take her on walks and to the doggy park every day. She is GREAT at the park, could be a little more interactive with other dogs, but she is social and playful and has never been aggressive at the park. On our walks, she does pretty well as long as no one else is around. She's gotten better about barking at people, but still barks at other dogs. I tried letting her meet the other dogs on our walks, but if she's on a leash she starts growling, lunging, and snapping at the other dog.
If she was a stray for as long as the rescue people think, her reactions might be fear based. I try to stay calm when this happens, but I'm honestly worried that she'll hurt another dog. I don't want to use punishments (especially if she was abused in the past), but some people have suggested bark collars. Any advice is helpful. THANKS!!

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